Fortune Cookie
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Screenwriter - Rob Thomas

Writer Rob Thomas is one of Hollywood's hottest new prospects. During his five year stint teaching high school journalism in Texas, his writing career took off with a multi-book deal with Simon & Schuster (Rats Saw God, Slave Day, Satellite Down). He has also worked for Channel One, a Los Angeles-based television news show aimed at teenagers nationwide. Thomas has even toured the country in several marginally talented rock bands.

Commissioned by Clay Essig, the Fortune Cookie script was instrumental in launching Thomas' feature and television career. Dawson's Creek producers read the script and hired Thomas as a staff writer for the teen drama's inaugural season. Sony co-president Jeff Sagansky also read the script and suggested Thomas develop a romantic comedy for television. Soon Thomas became the creator and producer of ABC's comedy series Cupid. Since writing Fortune Cookie, Thomas has written two scripts for Universal Studios. His second film, Drive Me Crazy, was also shot in Salt Lake City for 20th Century Fox.

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